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Next Up is the
One Coin Grande Figure Nitroplus Forest of CHiRAL, its a set of 9 figures with 1 secret & 1 rare. ^_^
Release Date:Mid Nov., 2009
Regular Price:5,496 yen  about 60.28 USD

The Box set comes with 10 boxes so you don't get a full set. -_-;;

As you can see I have 10 figures. I didn't get the rare. This set is from 3 boy's love games. Togainu on chi (2 figures & Rare), Lamento ( 3 figures), & sweet pool (4 figures & secret). The secret is the red-head on the bottom right hand corner from sweet pool. The first 5 in the front row are from sweet pool & the 3 in the back with the animal ears are from Lamento & the other 2 are from Togainu no chi.
Also each character comes with a little character cards, which are really cute.

If you're a fan of any of those games I think this set is for you, especially if your either a sweet pool or a Togainu fan.

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So first entry will be about the Nendoriod Petite Figures Death Note vol 1. ^_^
Release Date:Late Oct., 2009
Regular Price:6,000 yen  about 65.8 USD  

Here is the pic of my figures. They came in a few days ago. I bought a box set, so I did in fact get the secret. ^_^
Some asemebly is required for these figures but it's not that bad to put together & no glue was needed which is always of the good. As you can see Ryuk & Remu are somewhat in midair & they stay in place too which is good.

This set comes with 10 Figures & 1 Secret.
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Anime Figures 09

So I decided to start a community. ^_^

It's basically gonna be exactly like the title says about Anime Figures. I buy a lot of them, so I decided, why not? I'll share with the world. Hahaha...
I will in great detail tell you about the figures that I just bought & tell you if you should buy them or not or maybe wait until you can buy it cheaper. ^_^