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Lucky Star x Macross Plus

Like the Gurren Lagann & K-ON!, these are from the Omikuji sets. In Japan if you spend about 1000yen on one anime, they give you a chance to pull a ticket from a box and you either get a prize or not. If you win, you get one of the above. A, B, C, & D are figures, E are (1 of 4) mini plush, F are (1 of 4) airplanes or those fighter planes (whatever), & G are (1 of 6) deform figures, chibi.

If a lot of you out there are Lucky Star fans, you know that the cast from lucky starr love to cosplay, so this set is of them cosplaying from Macross Frontier.

In this set however, I didn't get the secret. -_-
Here is what they look like. ^_^
Konata looks funny & Cute.

I really like them, as they're dressed as waitresses for a Chinese Resturant. Its very cute. From left to right, one is holding a bowl of ramen, a tea set, & the last one is holding dumplings in the bamboo container. its very cute. Also, that lil thing next to Konata, not sure what it is, does anyone kno?

Here you can see the back of Konata's outfit. And the stands, they have the symbols for bothe Lucky Star & Macross Frontier on them. ^_^