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Release Date:Late Jan., 2010
Regular Price:5,717 yen about 63.03 USD

Box set bought, so secret in set plus an extra. ^_^
Figures include, 2 Lights, Teru, Misa, 2 L's, 2 Near's, 2 Mello's, & the secret which is Light.

The Secret

I kinda giggled when I saw this was the secret, its kinda gay! Look at that pose and the outfit he's wearing! I can just imagine the wind blowing while he walks. It just makes me laugh. XD

I really liked this set, it was the easiest to put together. ^_^ I didn't break any of the stands or have to glue any parts together, I just had to snap them into place. ^_^ Loved it lots!!



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Mar. 22nd, 2010 12:13 am (UTC)
Cuute! You know how I am about Deathnote, I don't watch the anime or read the manga, but I LUUUUV to collect the figures. I saw some of these boxes in Kino SF today and bought two. I got the Mello with normal expression and the kneeling Near.
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