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Gurren Lagann omikuji F set

Gurren Lagann

These are from the Omikuji sets. In Japan if you spend about 1000yen on one anime, they give you a chance to pull a ticket from a box and you either get a prize or not. If you win, you get one of the above. A, B, C are figures, D is the drill plush, E are one of four glasses, F are one of four KyaChara figures, & G are chibi mecha figures.

I have 3 from the F set, Viral, Simon, & Kamina. And I have the Plush Drill.

Viral, Simon, & Kamina. I really like the figures, they were easy to put together & pretty much stand on their own. ^_^
Out of the 3, Kamina is my fave, his pose is kinda 'the almightly me' I like it.

Here are the backs to each figure. I really like the small detail to each figure.


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Mar. 4th, 2010 04:56 am (UTC)
oh kawaiiii! did you get these when you were in Japan? judging from the food items in the case below, are these about 3 inches high or so? nice!
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